Artist Profile & Philosophy

Gordon Lee is an artist who exemplies the values of classical art and beauty. His exquisite hand-made paintings are grounded in the deep understanding of light and form. He specialises in portraiture as well as mythological and historical paintings. His eye for details is unparalleled and his colors showcase the full spectrum of life in all its vibrant shades and hues. He believes in the power of art to transform people and places, elevating them with the beauty and deep spiritual breath of his art. His mastery of art encompasses and radiates through all the senses. His compositions vibrate in rhythmic and brilliant symphony. His paintings express the depth his profound understanding of nature and its process of creation. All of his works express deep reverence towards the source of all life- God and the beauty of all of His creations.

He comes from a long line of artisans who built houses and furnitures in China. To him, art is an instrument to build lasting peace and harmony and is powerful tool to bringing enlightened sophistication to his audience. He believes that the universal aspect of nature's beauty is within man and that it is art that can fully express and materialize this beauty to the world.  All his artworks are done with intense attention to details and with a great passion for unparalleled excellence. His peerless artistic vision is truly a splendor to behold, giving a true glimpse of heaven on earth.